Conference on Patients' Safety in Hungary

April 6, 2016
Conference on Patients' Safety in Hungary
The Hungarian Society on Patients' Safety, in cooperation with its Australian partner society organized its second annual conference on contemporary patient safety issues. During the three days of the meeting, some 130 speakers presented their views on a wide variety of patients' safety related topics, from hospital hygiene to emergency care, from legal and ethical challenges to financial obstacles, from the burnout syndrome among health care workers to the other psychological limitations of good care, such as the fear of reporting adverse and harmful practices. The importance of the event was marked not only by the exceptionally large number of participants, but also by the current crisis in the Hungarian health care system.
In a number of presentations, the speakers urged an improvement in the quality of health care by implementing a new adverse event reporting system in which providing detailed information on such events and learning from mistakes and structural errors are emphasized over blame and punishment. In this vein, some speakers discussed pharmacovigilance and the safety of medical devices, others focused on the education and training of healthcare workers on patient safety.

From among the CELAB researchers and associates, Judit Sándor, József Kovács, and Judit Zeller presented their papers.
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