Hungarian Partnerships

For CEU, partnerships with other universities are an essential part of our open society mission. CEU partners with institutions and universities across the globe, offering opportunities for our students, faculty and researchers to benefit from and contribute to the development of new knowledge in a wide variety of fields. Partnerships with Hungarian institutions are of particular importance to CEU, which has called Budapest home for more than two decades. Below please find more information on our centers's partnerships with Hungarian institutions.

CELAB hosts Associate fellows from Hungarian universities

  • Hungarian Academy of Sciences, HAS Centre for Social Sciences Institute for Legal Studies
  • Semmelweis University Budapest, Institute of Behavioral Sciences, Department of Bioethics 
  • University of Debrecen, Department of Behavioral Sciences Faculty of Public Health 
  • ELTE, Faulty of Law

CELAB FACULTY’s connections

Judit Sándor

  • Member of the Hungarian Research Council (ETT) since 1995
  • Member of the Human Reproduction Commission since 2001 (the Commission reviews, monitors research applications, projects and clinics in the field of assisted reproduction, stem cell research, genetics and biobanks) 
  • Guest lecturer at ELTE TTK Tudománykommunikáció a természettudományban MSc szak (2014-2017)
  • Member of the Editorial Board of LAM (Lege Artis Medicinae) monthly journal (in Hungarian)