Péter Kakuk

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Nador u. 9, Faculty Tower

Péter Kakuk studied philosophy at the University of Debrecen and Health Care Ethics and Law at the University of Manchester. He has a PhD in Health Sciences. Currently, he is Assistant Professor in the Department of Behavioural Sciences at the University of Debrecen, where he is teaching medical ethics and bioethics. He is member of the Medical Research Council’s Scientific and Research Ethics Committee, associate member of the European Network of Research Ethics Committee. He is the Chair of the Hungarian Working Group for the Cambridge Consortium on Bioethics Education and book review editor for Medicine Health Care and Philosophy. He participated in CELAB's FP7 project on deliberative processes and nanotechnology. He management committee member and vice-chair of the research ethics working group of the COST Action IS1201 Disaster Bioethics project. His primary research interests are related to bioethics, ethics of genetics, research ethics and scientific integrity. He is interested in deliberative processes and theories of compromise. Research areas: Philosophy, Bioethics, Health Sciences.

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