2021 ICON•S Conference

June 3, 2021

ICON•S is an international learned society with members from all around the globe. Members include scholars in all fields of law and beyond to the humanities and social sciences, and at all levels of seniority, from students to emeritus faculty. ICON•S provides its members with the best avenues for building meaningful relationships and exchanging ideas internationally to advance its mission.

ICON-s Conference 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 ICON•S Conference will be held in a completely novel way as a fully online conference: ICON•S Mundo. The Mundo Conference will be a truly global academic event, involving multilingual activities gathering hundreds of Public Law scholars, political scientists, judges, doctoral students and practitioners from all over the world. It will offer an excellent chance to discuss ideas in all areas of Public Law featuring hundreds of academic sessions working in multiple time zones. The Conference will be held in a spirit of collaboration with national and regional chapters of ICON•S, and with an invitation to new and existing members to join. 

Panel title: The Public Law of the Body: Inequities in the Regulation of the Body in its Productive and Reproductive Capacities 

8 July 2021 13:40-15:10 CET pm. 

Panel description: This panel critically examines the way in which various national and international legal systems regulate, or fail to regulate, humans qua producers of bodily secretions, reproductive materials, and people blurring established gender lines. In some contexts, regulation is welcome, or even essential, for individuals to have access to appropriate medical care and support, while in others, legal interventions risk stripping them of their autonomy, creating regulatory and other barriers to access. Panelists will contribute to deepening our transnational understanding of the legal status of the human body by uncovering the various commitments animating regulatory efforts or their absence and analyzing their distributive consequences, especially in terms of gender. 

Organizer & Chair: Mathilde Cohen 

Moderator: Courtney Cahill (Donald Hinkle Professor of Law, Florida State University)


Audrey Boisgontier 

Title: Law as a Vector of Sexual Binarity: The Example of Intersex Athletes’ Bodies 

Mathilde Cohen (Professor of Law, University of Connecticut) 

Title: How Should Lab-Grown Human Milk Be Regulated? 

Diane E. Hoffmann (Jacob A. France Professor of Health Law, University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law) 

Title: Regulation of Vaginal Secretions as a Drug or Tissue and the Implications for Women’s Autonomy 

Clare Patton (Lecturer in the School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast) 

Title: Breastfeeding as a Human Right 

Judit Sándor (Professor, Central European University) 

Title: Should We Form a Family with the State? Trust, Reproduction, and Gender

The preliminary program is available here.

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