Conference on Patients' Safety in Hungary

April 6, 2016
Conference on Patients' Safety in Hungary

Science Day at the University Club in Bonn

February 18, 2016

Science Day at the University Club in Bonn

Discussion of the CRISPR/Cas9

On 15th of February, 2016 members of the DRZE (Deutsches referenzzentrum für Ethik in den Biowissenschaften) Advisory Board, members of the DRZE Board of Trustees, members of the IWE (Institut für Wissenschaft und Ethik), DRZE and IWE Scientific Staff held a joint meeting in Bonn and discussed the CRISPR/Cas9 and Germline Manipulation.  

Neuro-Enhancement Policies for the Future

February 10, 2016

NERRI Dissemination Event at CEU


On 5th February 2016 the Centre for Ethics and Law in Biomedicine (CELAB) hosted a panel discussion with participants of the Neuro-Enhancement Responsible Research and Innovation (NERRI) project. The panel was made up of five international members of the project: Agnes Allansdóttir (Toscana Life Sciences), Imre Bárd (LSE), Rui Vieira da Cunha (University of Porto), Judit Sándor (CEU) and Márton Varju (CEU), and was well attended by CEU faculty and students.


NERRI at the IBRO Budapest Workshop 2016

January 28, 2016

NERRI @ the IBRO Budapest Workshop 2016

20-22 January 2016


As part of its dissemination activities, NERRI took part in the 2016 IBRO Budapest Workshop, a top neuroscience event in Europe. CEU CELAB, a NERRI partner prepared a poster introducing the project and summarizing its main outputs. The idea of RRI and the results of the Europe-wide public engagement efforts of NERRI received considerable attention from the neuro-science community present at the workshop.